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Events. Production. Marketing
We are an Event and Production agency
We produce, organize and operate all kinds of events: from local conferences and exhibitions to large-scale festivals, concerts and international award ceremonies around the world.

Our team of experts consists of people from different backgrounds and cities around the world including Moscow, London, New York, Amsterdam, Milan, Berlin, Doha and Mexico.
• influencer marketing
• SMM & digital campaigns
• website and mobile app development
• live streaming
• VIP solutions to any type of event
• protocol services
• travel services
• concierge services
• custom-developed excursions and events
• concept and script development
• content and event management
• speakers management
• audio visual solutions
• photo & video production
• international network of sales agents
Digital & web
• graphic design
• positioning development
• communication strategy
• media & PR support
Branding and Strategy
Event Production
Brand launch in Russia
Grand opening of the first Leica salon in Moscow: presentation for honored clients, brand ambassadors and famous photographers
SEIKO 3-Day Conference
& Sailing Regatta Event
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